As the South Florida region continues to grow, demand for yacht services and marina space has never been higher.  In order to meet growing demand, many new service providers have emerged ranging from new boat yards to marine supply stores.  Though the competitive landscape may be changing, one thing remains constant: Ward’s Marine Electric is the gold standard when it comes to marine electrical services in South Florida.  

So why trust Ward’s when it comes to marine electrical?  There are a few reasons…

1. Marine Electrical Expertise

When it comes to working with complex marine electrical systems, Ward’s is second-to-none.  We’re one of the few companies qualified to design switchboards and perform refits on mega-yachts and naval boats alike, and we have a proven track record of building safe and reliable power management systems for large boats.  No matter the size of the vessel, our team commits the same attention to detail.  There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Ward’s way.

2.  You’re Part Of Our Family

Ward’s has been family owned and operated for over 70 years.  Even as we’ve grown, we never lost sight of our commitment to our customers.  When you do business with Ward’s, you become part of our family.  Many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years, and at Ward’s you’ll always have a contact to call who can help you troubleshoot electrical problems with your boat.  

3.  We Supply Suppliers

When you’re in need of a marine electrical product, you can rest assured that we either have it in our warehouse or we know where to get it.  Our inventory of marine electric products is so robust that even other marine supply stores rely on Ward’s to help them find a part when they don’t have it themselves.  

4.  We Service the World

Our outside service area is not limited to South Florida.  Wherever you find yourself, Ward’s will send a technician out to you to help you get back up and running again.  We’ve sent our technicians as far as Thailand on service calls.  We’re truly an international marine electric company.  

5.  We’re Trusted By Large Boat Builders & Manufacturers

Our reputation within the marine electric industry has led us to some amazing partnerships with some of the biggest manufacturers and boat builders in the business.  We’ve worked with industry leaders such as Hubbel, DEIF, Burger and more developing products to meet the market’s needs.  If they can trust our expertise, so can you!

In conclusion, there are few companies out there that have the same capabilities as Ward’s Marine Electric.  We cater to boat owners, boat builders, repair contractors and even other suppliers thanks to our large inventory and expert technicians.  So next time you find yourself in need of a marine survey or a complete refit, give us a call.  We’re standing by ready to help!