Whether you own a mega yacht or a sportfish, our electrical engineers provide you with the security of knowing there’s safe, reliable power at your fingertips. To accomplish this, our marine engineering department uses the latest technology, including AutoCAD Electric. We work hand-in-hand with builders, project managers, and designers to develop switchgear systems that can handle any load — while also being the most scalable, fully automatic system in the recreational marine electrical industry.

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Our expert marine electrical engineers design switchgear solutions for many system configurations: single, split, and multi-bus AC systems. We use three independent sources of 24VDC system control power. Additionally, we build each of our switchboards on a manual framework. By layering automatic features on top of this foundation, we ensure that an automation fault never disrupts your power supply. We create the cleanest main bus power in the industry by using redundant security modes, harmonic filters, and arc fault protection systems on all switchgear at or above 240VAC.


Our marine electrical engineers can provide drawing submittals and approvals, engineering studies and analyses, witness testing, and any other services required to achieve regulatory compliance. “Regulatory compliance” includes classification society and flag rules, governmental regulations, and other applicable statutes. Examples include Lloyd’s Register, ABS, DNV, Marshall Islands Flag Rules, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs, and SOLAS.
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Marine Electrical Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

What does a marine electrical engineer do?

Marine electrical engineers are responsible for the research, design and implementation of complex electrical systems on large boats, yachts, ships and navy vessels.  They utilize programs such as Auto-CAD to draft blueprints for marine switchboards, distribution panels, generators and power management systems.  The engineers primary goal is to ensure that proper voltage and amperage is being supplied throughout the vessel to safely and reliably power all of the various electronics that are onboard these large vessels, as well as to ensure that vital electrical components like communication devices and lights ares still operable in the event of a power outage onboard. 

Who needs a marine electrical engineer?

Anybody who owns or operates a large vessel such as a yacht or ship may be in need of a marine electrical engineer.  Boat owners with older vessels may hire a marine electrical engineer if they are looking to add electronics onboard which may not be supported by their current electrical system.  Boat builders may also hire a marine electrical engineer to help design a reliable electrical system for the vessels that they are building, especially if those boats feature many electrical components.  Manufacturers of marine electrical equipment for boats may also hire marine electrical engineers to ensure that their products can be installed and operate reliably on different types of vessels.  

What's the difference between a marine electrical engineer and an electrical engineer?

Standards and best practices for marine electrical engineers differ from those for electrical engineers because electrical systems on boats are subject to a much harsher environment compared to residential buildings.  Between the constant movement and vibration of the boat to the exposure to saltwater corrosion, marine electrical systems are much more prone to failure and decline.  As a result, marine electrical engineers should be certified with the ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) so they can design electrical systems to withstand these harsh conditions, as opposed to electrical engineers who are not required to be certified by this body.  

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