load bank rental

Our dockside load bank rental program allows you to leave port with confidence. Our loadbank docking solution allows you to test your power management system performance on diesel generators and more. Ward’s load bank rental gives you the capability of testing your generator with an “artificial load” to see if the generator can operate properly at its rated amperage. This can help you avoid damaging your onboard systems if your power management isn’t calibrated properly.


dockside power pedestal

Ward’s Marine Electric has teamed up with our partners at Hubbell to design and build a state of the art dockside power pedestal available for your Marina! This smart dockside pedestal is rated for 120/240VAC, 60 Hz service input, and comes equipped with four 50 amp shore cord receptacle outputs and two 20 amp GFCI receptacle outlets. It also has WiFi capability and a water source, making this the perfect dockside power pedestal for large yachts.


Give your boat the power it needs, regardless of where you tie-up. Today, we strive to keep that honor, while offering the friendly help you’ve come to expect from our family-owned business.

Load Bank Rental Program

Load banks are available for a daily or weekly rental up to 500KW. Disconnect, removal and onsite operation must be performed by an ABYC certified marine electrician.

Dockside Converter Rental Program

Manufactured by A/Sea Power Systems, all of our rental converters include delivery to the dock, as well as disconnection and removal by an ABYC-certified field service technician. We are currently able to offer single 75kVA units or 150kVA service via two paralleled 75kVA units. Learn about our rental prices here.