Our commitment to quality is reflected in everything we manufacture. Every electrical panel, cable, and marine switchboard is assembled using state-of-the-art components by employees with decades of experience.

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Safe, simple, and scalable: Every Ward’s Marine Power Management system comes packed with advanced technologies that help your yacht instantly access the best power source for the task at hand.

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We base our custom-designed electrical panels on your vessel’s specific electrical equipment and operational load requirements. Our inventory stocks all of the tools required to build your panel. Once complete, our ABYC-certified technicians can either install it or ship it to you pre-wired.

marine switch panel production
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In need of a made-to-order marine switchboard? Our engraving department uses state-of-the-art CNC lasers and high-speed routers to cut, engrave and create custom electrical panels, marine switchboards, tags, and labels. We have the ability to work with materials as diverse as plastic, and aluminum, and stainless steel.


  • Reverse Engraving for a smooth surface
  • Custom Logos
  • Custom Backlighting
  • Replicate Existing Panels
  • Hundreds of Finishes


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Power conversion, phase correction — our adapters blend portability with functionality.


Simple to operate, easier to move: our portable boost transformers protect your gear from low voltage.


Sturdy and secure, every Ward’s cable is high potential-tested for reliability.


Marine Electrical Panel Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom marine switchboard?

Over the last few decades, electrical systems on yachts and sport fish boats have become highly advanced and modernized.  While basic switch panels are suitable for electrical distribution on smaller boats, yachts require a more sophisticated power distribution center.  That is the purpose of a custom marine switchboard.  Marine switchboards act is the brain and nerve center for large boats.  They take the main power generated from the vessel’s engines and generators and distribute it safely and efficiently throughout the boat, ensuring that all devices onboard have the power they need to operate reliably.  They also play a key role in the yacht’s emergency power system, ensuring that vital electrical components such as navigation lights and communication devices can still operate in the event of a power outage.

How often should I update my boat's electrical panel?

Generally speaking, boat electrical systems should be updated if they are over 20 years old.  Electrical systems in yachts are exposed to a much harsher environment than your home or office building due to the constant movement and exposure to saltwater corrosion.  In terms of electrical panels, a well-built distribution system can last a long time.  However, as you add more and more electrical components to your yacht over time, that distribution panel should be upgraded to support the additional power load.  If your unsure whether you should update your boat’s electrical panel or opt for a custom marine switchboard, consider getting a marine survey done.  A knowledgeable surveyor can assess the entire electrical system on your yacht and identify any potential problems that should be addressed.

How do I know if my vessel needs a custom marine electrical panel?

Custom marine distribution panels and switchboards are typically needed for larger boats that operate on both A/C and D/C power.  This includes sport fish boats, yachts, ships, and naval vessels.  If a boat has a generator, then it will typically need some sort of switchboard to handle the power distribution.  If a yacht has two generators as part of an emergency power system, then it will also need a second emergency switchboard to take over in the event of a power interruption.  Also, any boat that has recently installed additional electrical components may need an upgraded custom electrical panel.  A marine surveyor will be able to help you determine if an upgraded or custom electrical panel is needed on your boat if your are unsure. 

What is marine switchboard automation?

Marine switchboard automation refers to automation of certain electrical applications on large vessels.  There are several types of marine switchboard automations that could be advantageous to owners and operators of large boats, including:

Generator Automation

Many large vessels are equipped with two generators, one serving as the main power source for the boat’s electrical system and one on standby as a backup in case the first one fails.  With generator automation, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) can be installed to balance the power load between the two generators if one is at or near capacity.  In the case that the electrical load onboard becomes too heavy for one generator, the switchboard can recognize this and turn on the second generator which will prevent overloading the primary generator.

Seamless Transfer to Shore Power

With shore power automation, a vessel can immediately and seamlessly transition to grid power without having to shut down or blackout the boat.  As soon as the shore power cable is plugged in, the vessel will automatically close the shore power circuit and switch off the generator simultaneously so there is no service interruption to the electronics onboard.

Blackout Recovery

In some ports, shore power can be shoddy and unreliable.  In the case when there is a service interruption or low voltage from the grid power source, the switchboard can recognize this and automatically turn the generator on so there is no interruption in power onboard the vessel.  When the grid power is restored, the switchboard automation will recognize this, shut down the generator and switch back to shore power simultaneously.

Does Ward's offer custom marine electrical panels outside of Florida?

Yes, our marine electrical engineers can design and build your marine electrical panel and ship it to you pre-wired and ready to install no matter where you are, including outside of the US.  Need help installing your custom switchboard on your boat? We will send out one of our expert marine technicians to install the custom switchboard anywhere you need.  It’s one of the many reasons why Ward’s is one of the most trusted marine electric companies around.  Call or fill out our contact form today to learn more!

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