Marine surveys are key to preserving the integrity of your electrical system and ensuring class compliance. People rely on our marine surveyors near Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. With years of experience in inspecting vessels, our ABYC-certified marine surveyors can identify any problem. Insulation resistance, battery condition, corrosion, submersion, fire, and lightning damage — we test for it all. On completion, we’ll provide a written report, describing the root cause of any problems and recommending standards-compliant repairs or upgrades.

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Your vessel’s electrical system is its lifeblood. Our marine surveyors are experts in international marine electrical system standards; they can shine a light on your ship’s cable and generator sizing, electrical workmanship, standards compliance, and component selection. The best way to evaluate a yacht’s electrical system near Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach is with a Ward’s Marine survey.


Marine corrosion surveys are performed to determine a vessel’s level of cathodic protection, the integrity of its bonding system, and the presence of destructive stray current leakages. Our ABYC-certified marine corrosion surveyors use industry-standard tools — like silver-silver chloride reference cells — to test for and determine the cause of corrosion on any vessel. We provide installation services and stock corrosion control equipment, along with the accessories needed to complete any corrosion control repair or upgrade.


Identifying the cause of an accident can be an extremely complex job; successfully resolving it requires an objective approach by an experienced team. Our forensic inspectors have the right skills to conduct a prompt and objective investigation for any vessel in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach or worldwide. We have the necessary familiarity with the legal process, evidentiary standards, and local regulatory and privacy laws to consistently deliver high-quality results.
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Marine Survey Frequently Asked Questions

What is done in a marine survey?

A marine survey is a detailed inspection of a boat, yacht, or ship to determine its condition.  What is done by the marine surveyor depends upon what type of marine survey is being performed, which can include inspections of the vessel’s electrical systems, corrosion surveys, and valuation appraisals.  In many cases, marine surveys are solicited by owners and operators as part of routine upkeep and preventative maintenance. In some cases, marine surveys are required by insurance companies to determine insurance premiums or to assess damage claims.    Marine surveys can also allow buyers to determine the value of a yacht before agreeing to a purchase price, similar to a home appraisal for home buyers.

What types of marine surveys are there?

There are several types of marine surveys that can be requested by either a boat owner or an insurer.  A surveyor is not limited to performing just one of these types on any given marine survey, and in many cases a survey will consist of a combination of the following.  These include:

Marine Electrical Survey

This type of marine survey provides a full inspection of the vessel’s electrical system. The marine surveyor will inspect the condition and functionality of all critical electrical components including generators, circuit breakers, wiring, starters, alternators, navigation lights, switchboards, distribution boxes, emergency backup systems and emergency power equipment.

Marine Corrosion Survey

In a corrosion survey, the marine surveyor will inspect a ships internal metal fittings, electrical components, hull, external hull fittings, stern tubes, exposed propeller shafts and propellers for corrosion.  The common types of corrosion the marine surveyor will look for is galvanic corrosion, stray current corrosion, crevice corrosion and ordinary electrochemical corrosion (rust and oxidation).

Marine Damage Survey

This type of marine survey is an investigative inspection done in the event of an accident or damage to a yacht.  The surveyor will try to determine probable cause, recommended repairs, and a cost estimate to fix the damage.  This is often required by an insurance company when filing a claim.  We have 70+ years of experience in working with insurance companies and providing these types of marine surveys.

Yacht Appraisal Survey

An appraisal survey can be performed to determine the fair market value of a yacht or boat. This can be performed for a number of reasons, including purchasing transactions, estate settlements, legal cases or financing.  This type of marine survey is not as rigorous as a the other surveys and can typically be completed quickly.

How often should I get a marine survey?

How often you should get a marine survey depends on a number of factors, but most in the industry agree that you should have a survey done at least once every 5 years.  Many insurers will accept a survey that is less than 5 years, but we recommend having a survey done anytime you are thinking of purchasing a used boat or yacht.

How long does it take to complete a marine survey?

How long it takes to complete a marine survey largely depends on what type of survey is being performed, the size of the boat, and the number of issues discovered on the vessel.  For a small yacht with minimal issues, it can take as little as few hours onboard and another day to prepare the report.  For a mega-yacht with many issues found during the inspection, it can take upwards of two days onboard plus an additional day to detail the issues in the report.  Expect a minimum of two days for the marine surveyor to perform the onboard survey and provide a detailed report.  

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